Barbara Keefe’s musical talent and warm spirit is known in many parts of the world. She has entertained President Ford, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, has sung on cruise ships and worked throughout Southeast Asia, Australia and Mexico.

Her concert work is known to inspire audiences with both the magnificent quality of her voice and beauty of her lyrics. 


Barbara has been painting  "Spirit Portraits" for years now, and her commissioned work is always in demand . They are art-rendered channelings...teachings, offering messages for her clients from their own angels, guides, and the masters.

    You may contact Barbara for your personalized painting, or purchase prints from over 80 of the portraits available.  The paintings, though individual, have a universal message.

Have a look at the gallery for a heart and art-filled Spiritual journey... 

Barbara’s 4 CDs, all Spiritual in nature, include  original songs, world chants, and channeled pieces. 
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Barbara has been working with Subtle Sound for over 30 years.  Awakened in Egypt, her healing practice and vocal mastery has expanded into new proportions.  Bridging science and the subtle worlds, her degree in music and the ability to access other realms makes her healing work and concerts successful in what many have regarded as the longest journey between the heart and mind.

Healing with the voice


“Shinto” New Release

                                 July  ‘09

Powerful new CD with Hideo Izumoto